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*The Yeiser Art Center
Landscape Painting Sunday    October 16,2022



* Scottsdale Artists’ School

Abstract Surfaces ( As stand alone abstract paintings or as abstract backgrounds for representational paintings)   November 19, 2022


Secrets to Great Abstract Paintings      January 27-29, 2023                                   Learn how to make successful abstracts in oils and/or acrylics.


Loosening up the Boundaries      March 11, 2023                                                      Wonderful exercises in how to loosen up while still planning great paintings.






art class and student collageWednesday mornings 9:30-12:30

Drawing   Learn to draw what you see and render it in form and value.  You will develop proportion, perspective, sensitivity in line and shading while   building volume on a two dimensional surface. All levels.

Art History  Each month we learn about a different period of  art history and specific artists of that period.  We discover what each artist had to contribute to the evolution of art, and  then benefit from understanding how each master can influence our  development.

Painting   Choose oils and/or acrylics  to develop your own unique style.  Whether you are working on your own goals or want teacher led exercises , there’s no better way to get better than to continuously paint, paint, paint.   Learn to  SEE  color and improve  your understanding of color theory, warm and cool colors, hard and soft edges, values , perspective in realism or abstracted expressions. All levels.

The Creative Art  Experience: Experimental Techniques  

No experience but want the fun ??  Or want to just loosen up???  Here’s a chance to just  PLAY with acrylics  and water colors    Use cut paper  and collage, try out interesting techniques like print making, batiks, alcohol ink transfers, experiment with different acrylic media…..and just find your inner  artist?  Thursdays afternoons.

Treat yourself to an opportunity to connect with your own   powerful inner beauty.  Find expression  and  joy as you  develop yourself and your skills.

Contact Suzie Black at 602-799-3861

—————————————————————————————————–Please print, and return the completed bottom half of this sheet with your check  to Suzie Black at ($85.00 for four 3 hr. sessions) 602-799-3861





Please circle class or classes you plan to attend:

Painting/Drawing Tues. AM        Painting/Drawing Thursday AM

The Creative Art Experience   Thursday PM


Joy drawing in art class Plein Air Suzie Black with Hartley New River Greer Ranch 4-2014

Suzie Black Joyful Art Workshop   Weekend  art workshops are offered monthly   and are held at  various valley wide locations. These workshops   are geared toward learning to paint in the style of expressionism   using vibrant colors, and pushing abstraction and interesting edges, negative space and finding your inner JOY!!!!