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April 10, 2015  Check it out!!! Arizona Art Supply Workshop
Sunday, April 19  12:30-4:30

Join us for an uplifting day creating from your heart!

Join us for an uplifting day creating from your heart!

Today is April 8, 2015
Life’s so great, so much fun.  I’m studying to be a realist artist just so I can perfect my figures in my expressionist style that I hold close to my heart.  But, interestingly the push for perfectionism in my classes has birthed a new freedom in abstract non-objective work that is exhilarating.  I’m going large and am fascinated with surfaces, color, shape and composition.  Always composition….

Mixed Media 36'x 48'

Mixed Media 36′x 48′

30"x30" Acrylics


28"x 44' Acrylics

28″x 44′ Acrylics

Stolen Desert

painting desert stolen july 12This painting is just and example of the use of softer colors. The original painting was stolen right out of an art show held in a bank in Cave Creek, Arizona. How very western!! I always get a kick out of the fact that someone wanted this painting so much that they dared to steal it right out of a BANK!!!! Keep your eyes out for this painting on one of your friend’s walls…..and get back to me…

Slide – Raccoon

Little Red’s Picnic

actual little resAnother work in progress, this painting whimsically suggests a different scenario for Little Red Riding Hood. She’s having a snack with the wolf, not so big, not so bad…………and also their friend, one of the tree bears, while Grandma wonders where she could be. This is more like my grandmother would be. The hunter is coming down the hill and our world is ALL RIGHT.

Megan’s Jungle Dance

Megan’s Jungle

I was asked to paint a jungle theme for a little boy named Austin, whose name is embedded in the grass as a hidden personalized tag for him to enjoy as he gets older. Megan and her husband wanted their two dogs, Toby and Charlie, to be carousing in the moonlight. Megan is a dancer and her husband, Eric, plays the guitar. Austin, their baby was born under a full moon. I love the joy of the celebration. Notice how the swaying trees, the lyrical arms of the dancers and the motion of the sky all add to the festivities.