Welcome to my website. SuzieBlack.com is devoted to the celebration of art and color. Lately, it seems to me, that the trend in home decoration ,what’s being pushed by the mega-marketers, emphasizes minimalist, muted prints that quietly, unobtrusively make bland statements, or no statements, about who we are and what our joy is.

Meanwhile, out at the arts and crafts fairs, an abundance, perhaps an over- abundance, of Photoshopped photography glimmers with lots of shine. They are gorgeous, have terrific color—some made to look just like a real painter did them . Don’t get me wrong, I love the new technology available to us ALL.

However, art-making and art collecting feeds some of us who are craving the richness of real art, real paint textures, the stamp of an actual human hand and wholly human spirit flowing through it. I know when I paint, something magical flows through me and is evident in every brushstroke. I am so grateful for the fabulous experience of painting.

… So… I’m thrilled to be able to put together, (finally!!) this new website of mine to put out into the world other affordable options for YOU—OF YOU—if you choose.

  1. There are SUZIE BLACK GICLEE PRINTS of all my work. These are colorful, beautiful, alas, non-textural—visual texture, yes—but not textured to run your hand across a surface or see from the side.
  2. I have HAND PAINTED MIXED MEDIA GICLEES. “Mixed Media” meaning acrylics and oils over a giclee print( using _______ dyes on canvas) as an underpainting. Each one has a life of its own, is like no other. It has the fresh, textured look of original art. And, each one looks as rich and beautiful as any oil painting.
  3. To get even more fun, I make paintings FOR YOU—custom personalized painting that are real art, good art—with you in it( or your hubby, or grandchild—or as a wedding gift of the bride and groom) Your choice. Check out my Kids’ Paintings. You can put a bear where the wolf once was . Your child can be the “star.” Your dog can replace the dog in a painting—–what ever you want.
    This can be done as a complete original, (this is the most pricy way to go, but completely personal). You let me know everything you want—ie. You say, “I’d like a painting of a Jungle Safari with three lions and a crazy looking elephant with my son, Jason, riding on his back while he points towards the sunset.”
  4. I can also take an existing painting of my own as a background and repaint it just for you. The finished product will look just like an original painting. It will be uniquely yours. Colors will be modified so that no two paintings will be the same.

Sometimes people ask me how I come to price my work. All original paintings are calculated at $1.00 per sq. inch. to keep my prices consistent. Giclees Prints and Hand painted Gliclees are a fraction of that So, be sure to find the price list included on my contact page ????????????to start your ordering process. Most likely I will be calling you to verify your order and to review necessary details. Think about what you want. You will need to email me some photos if you select a customized option.